"I have bought them and keep re-ordering! Summer hot dogs and Charlie's famous onions! They're delicious!!" - Carol Arena

"My friends and I would ride our bikes from Bay Shore Drive-inn area to get three dog with the works and a YooHoo. When I moved in 87 I craved your onions. When I would visit I would talk you into selling a gallon jug of your famous onions. Always a conversation piece with the stewardess on the flight. I loved them on after having a Charlie's hot dog night with my fraternity brothers and friends I used them on almost everything steak, burgers, and fried potatoes. I have brought and shared to friends in Arizona and Utah. Can't wait to share the originals with my family and friends in Hawaii. Mahalo for the memories." - Doug George

"I got my jars of Charlie's Legendary Onions. My Favorite was a 3 hot dog hero with mustard, sauerkraut & onions and an ice cold Yoo-Hoo chaser. It was great reminiscing about Charlie & Rose. Spur Drive North is not the same. So glad to have you back. Thank you & Good Luck." - Donna Gaglio

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"Was able to grab a jar yesterday make hot dogs for dinner tonight they smelt and tasted amazing. Brought back some great memories!!" - Kevin Capps

Charlie's Legendary® Onions, LLC

"My onions brought me back to the Spur on my bike. And I didn't even have a hotdog I put them on a frittata." - Caren Price

"Just got the onions I picked up last Saturday at the farmers market in Islip. My wife drove them back home to Kennesaw Ga. They brought back memories of Charlie and Roses and times I spent there eating hotdogs with my son when he was about 3 years old before we moved south 17 years ago. Thank you all so much for bringing back one of my favorite memories of growing up on Long Island." - Mark Dell'Orto

"My sister bought a couple of jars at the festival now she is teasing me by posting photos of her hotdogs with your onions. She said it's a blast from the past with each bite. THANK YOU for bringing us all piece of our childhood." - Edward Gaglio

"OMGoodness !!!!! my sister picked up charlies legendary onions for us at the islip market !!!! Let me tell you...My husband & I were brought back in time and could not believe how delicious these onions still are !!! it truly took us back to so many wonderful memories of yesterday in brentwood and charlies hot dogs played such an important part in our lives..AMAZING ! With every single bite..between saying"omg how delicious"...my husband and I reminisced about so many wonderful times and memories of family times stopping and having charlies hot dogs !!! cant thank you enough for the great times then ..and enjoying them now...A Legend that we hold so dear !! THANK YOU Cant wait to share the onions..Then Again my husband says- "Are you sure you want to " LOL" - Michele Dolcimascolo Bacigalupo